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Martin County Clerk

Susie Skyles, County Clerk

Proudly serving the citizens of Martin County, Kentucky

Land Records Fee ScheduleCost
Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate16
Affidavit of Descent13
Affidavit per KRS 382297 or 382.33713
Articles/Amended Articles (Prof/Nonprof)11
Assignment of Rents17
Assignment of Vendors Lien13
Assumption Agreement17
Bail Bonds28
Bond to Release Mechanic Lien27
Child Support Lien In State5
Child Support Lien Out of State13
Child Support Lien Release In State5
Child Support Lien Release Out of State13
Condo Deed17
Contract Real Estate/Land17
DBA Assumed Name13
Deed of Correction13
Deed of Restriction13
Easement of Release13
Encumbrance Release13
Fixture Filing29
Fixture Cont, Assign, Amend, Part Rel13
Inheritance Tax Lien5
Inheritance Tax Lien Release5
Judgment Lien13
Land Use Restrictions16
Lease Assignments17
Lis Pendens Notice13
Lis Pendens Release13
Marital Agreement13
Mechanic Lien13
Mechanic Lien Release13
Mortgage Assignment13
*We can no longer add to extra reference, all assignments will need to be separated document
Mortgage Correction17.00
Mortgage Modification13.00
Agreement Mortgage Release13.00
*We can no longer add to extra reference, all releases need to be separate documents
Name Change Order8
Option Agreement13
Power of Attorney17
Power of Attorney Revocation13
Subordination Agreement13
Tax Lien-Federal12
Tax Lien-State5
Tax Lien-Release Federal12
Tax Lien-Release State5
Will Disclaimer13
Will Order8
Will Renunciation13
***Add an additional charge of $3.00 for every page over three